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India is many things to many people: rich, vibrant, mystical, magical, exquisite- and sometimes, just a little overwhelming. Huge battle scarred forts, mighty rivers, pristine snow capped peaks, quaint villages, dense forests, balmy beaches, bustling cities. And of course, elephants, snake charmers and fakirs!

We at Nomad Travels understand and know India. And we love to show it off.

We organize cultural and architectural tours, motorcycle and camel safaris, adventure treks and rafting expeditions, wild life sanctuary visits and a variety of custom designed itineraries. 

Besides all this, we also offer tours to some striking international destinations. This summer we have a great getaway to Angkor Wat- the lost kingdom of Cambodia. 

The itineraries on this site are all eminently workable. They're tried and tested, but you needn’t restrict yourself to just these. We'll be happy to customize and redesign our tours to suit your individual preferences. India has something for everyone. So send us a mail with your requirements and we'll respond promptly. 



We were at the Jodhpur RIFF in October and it was smashing! Next up, the World Sufi Spirit Festival at the stunning forts of Nagaur and Jodhpur in Feb 2015. 

We would be happy to provide either written or telephone reference. We were extremely pleased (and honestly a little bit surprised) that you were able to pull things together under such time constraints and without ever having met us...


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